Agri Insurance

We assist farmers and agri business professional reduce risks associated with loss through weather conditions / theft by providing an array of insurance covers for Agriculture.

Soil & Water Testing

We offer Soil Testing &  Analysis you get to  know your soil fertility, nutrients deficiencies, any diseases pathogen in the soil the soil report also advices on nutrients level and best crops based on the analysis.

Agronomist Services

Need agronomical technical support for your crops / farm let our crops doctor visit you on site to offer advisory services in a wide range of crops growing, pest & diseases management and other farming activities.

Veterinary Support

Let our animal doctors assist in the well being of your livestock ensuring diseases and pest control and management , treatment and advice on growth. We handle Livestocks and Pets.

Artificial Insemination

We provide A.I services for a wide range of Livestock this include cattle , goats , sheep , pigs.

Agri – Leasing Services

We offer Agri - Leasing services for Agricultural programs & farming such as Tractor leasing, Pack-house leasing, agriculture equipments leasing .


Training , Consultancy & Advisory

We provide a wide range of training , consultancy and advisory for successful AgriVentures from Livestock & Crop Farming , How to become an exporter , feedlot farming to name a few.

Agri Finance

In partnership with various institution that provide Agriculture financing we offer our client customized options fitting there ventures at affordable easy to access Agri finance.